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Soft Sprinkle Cookies
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The best Sugar-alternative for Diabetics.

Are you looking for a sugar replacer with NO aftertaste?



  • 1 g of Sweetness = 4 g of Sugar (one teaspoon)

  • Ideal for Conventional Cooking & Baking

  • Preservative FREE

  • Clean Fresh Taste

  • Low GI

  • NO Aspartame

  • NO Lactose

  • NO Fructose or Cane Sugar

  • NO Phenylalanine

You only need a quarter of the amount of Sweetness in comparison to normal sugar

We courier countrywide at your own cost

Payments strictly cash or EFT

Approved by Diabetes SA

Twice as sweet as Xylitol - so you will get twice as far with 1 kg

1 Kg packs cost N$150

500g packs cost N$80

Business hours:

Monday to Friday

8:00 - 17:00

WhatsApp:  +264 81 563 3013


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Dextrose; Sodium Saccharine
Sodium Cyclamate (Non-nutritive sweeteners)

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