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Social Media Trix

We get you instant Social Media likes and followers. Image is everything !! The more likes/followers you have, the better image it portrays. The likes/follows we can get you, are not specified - it’s purely just likes/followers that WILL stay.

1000 FB Business Page likes/followers: N$/R 800
10 000 Instagram followers: N$/R2 600

Quotes available for other packages.

Results guaranteed within 24 hours.

If your page cannot facilitate this service, or you’ve given us the link of a group, you’ll have to provide us with another FB page that will facilitate this service.

Your Page must be PUBLIC.
Your Page must be a Bussiness page.
Your Page must have at least 3 likes.
You MUST copy the link of the page you would like to receive the likes/follows on, and send it to us on the contact form down below.

You can do your payment through the “Pay” button down below. PLEASE send your Page link again as part of your comments in the payment section.