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Photo Editing Packages – we edit it to perfection.

Mcleod Studios Namibia Photography guidelines. These guidelines are for non-formally trained photographers. If you go about this according to our guidelines, your photos WILL look exactly like ours. Enjoy.

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Basic "laws":


  • No direct sunlight - work in shade (though still enough indirect sunlight).

  • No Flash - NEVER.

  • Let people (clients) stand at least 2 meters away from background (5 meters if possible, but still in the shade).

  • Best (most of the natural sunlight) light must be behind you taking the photo (except when doing the white background photos).  Avoid uneven natural light from either your left or right side.

  • Make sure your background is of even colour or texture.

  • No other person visible in picture, but the ones you're photographing.

  • Try and ALWAYS only take Head & Shoulder photos - or at least up to waistlines. 

  • Use the Portrait facility on your camera if you have one and make sure your flash is turned off.

  • If you have an interchangeable lens camera, use the longest lens you have (i.e.. 70-300mm) It will give you a clearer image with more depth.

  • Make sure your camera focus is on the person, and not on the background.

  • Use half-built or old empty buildings as "studios".  For white background photos - use a properly painted white wall (Do not get ANYTHING else in the photo BUT white. Also - when in bright sunlight, make sure you choose a wall with good shade - always best very early in the morning or late afternoon).  If the house/building has no roof, take photos early morning/late afternoon to make optimum use of shade patches the walls create.

  • Do NOT work under trees - it creates small sun patches on people's faces.

  • Check each photo after taking it that all eyes are open, no unwanted funny faces etc.

  • Encourage maximum affection between clients - otherwise your photos will look like ID photos and not natural portraits.

  • This teaching is for Portrait photography in new-built/half-built/old buildings during Good day-light conditions, but in the shade ONLY. If you try and apply this to general outside or nighttime conditions, it will NOT work. Do not burn your fingers by trying to apply this to event/wedding photography. 

  • Photos can be taken in the SHADE in those open parts of the building.

  • Also in front of those wooden doors in such a way that ONLY the wood shows in the picture - NOTHING else.

  • Also by having someone to sit in the small door with dark background—this will create a bright picture with a totally black background without using a black backdrop.  People MUST be in the shade - though as close as possible to the direct sunlight. 

What We Offer
  • Up to 100 photos - N$100 (US$6-90 more or less)

  • 101 - 500 photos - N$150 (US$10-35 more or less)

  • 501 - 1000 photos - N$200 (US$13-80 more or less) 

  • Bright colour - Standard

  • Soft colour extra - N$50

  • Black & White extra - N$50

  • Sepia extra N$50

  • 9 collage N$10

  • 24 hour lead time (Monday to Saturday) from receiving the images and full payment.
    Full portrait/family photography guidance given.

  • Our editing services perfect for beginner and not-formally trained photographers.

  • Our service is discreet and confidential. 

  • We have a set editing “look” - ALL our work goes trough the same editing system/style. If you follow our exact guidance, your photos will look exactly like the 1000’s of photos you will see on our website and FB page. 

  • We only enhance the existing images. We do NOT change backgrounds, make people slimmer or take out objects. Each photo goes through more than 20 different processes unique to our fixed editing style.

  • Images from different shoots cannot be thrown together to reduce costs.

Mcleodstudiosnamibia will edit your photos. You pay us through our online shop:

How Does It Work

You choose the different editing styles you would like and do the payment with any card. 

You upload your photos to Dropbox or your choice of online storage, and send us the link.

We download the photos, do the paid for editing, and upload it again. We’ll send you the link to download it. 

This typically takes 24 hours (Monday to Saturday excluding local public holidays).

Feel free to visit our website or FB page for 1000’s of our own photos as examples.  We will never use your photos for our advertising purposes.