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Mcleod Dog.jpg

Pet Photography - 

Unforgettably unique photos.

Our cost is N$1500 (R1500 or USD90) per session - non refundable.

Sessions can only be done during the daylight and normally last between 20 minutes and 40 minutes.

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The Pet-owner must have toys, props, accessories and snacks ready for the pet to be used during the session.

We will allocate one of our agents to  come do the session.

Editing of these photos are VERY difficult and labour intensive. Images are typically ready within 3 working days.

You will get a minimum of 3 different sets op combined images.

All images will be high resolution, and will be sent to you via WeTransfer - so we WILL need your email address.

We are an online business covering several overseas countries as well. Although we are based in Namibia.

Payment is made through our online payment facility below.