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Fundraising Project.

An idea for a fun fundraising.

Charities, SPCA’s, Play-schools, Schools etc.

It will cost you NOTHING to implement. You only need a cellphone camera and an ordinary square cardboard box. (You could however opt to have a big white wooden box made for families to fit in).  No experience or skills needed. Any novice can do this.

I can supply you with free digital artwork to promote it as well.
You take the photos with a cellphone, and we edit it for you. We charge N$90 (approximately US$6.40) for the editing. You could charge double that for each session. 
A session typically takes about 5 minutes. You will take 3 individual photos. Then you send us the images via Dropbox, we edit it into a final combination photo and send it back to you.

  • Have 1 single wooden box build (about US$60 to build). Or, just a normal SQUARE cardboard box which is readily available for free.

  • Use this Box for fundraising for your school/charity throughout the year.

  • Have different event/theme shoots through the year (easter, valentines, Christmas, mothers-day, fathers-day, family-days sports-day, family-pet photo shoots, father-and-son-days, mother-and-daughter-days, school-photos to name but a few).

  • Use the box year after year.

  • Take the photos with a cellphone camera - NOTHING else needed.

  • Our charge for a 3 photo Box-combination is N$90 (about US$6.40) for the editing.

  • You can sell such an A5 photo for N$100 to each child (class/group photos). 

  • You can furthermore sell a “family shoot” for minimum N$600.

Please take a look at the photos below - what the rough photos will look like that you’ll take,

how to do it and then the end result after we have put it all together.

Now you as a novice can deliver amazing Box-photos like a pro without trying.