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Make your photos POP!

Bulk edit your photos in minutes.
103 Bulk-editing Scripts for Corel Paintshop Pro. One-click system.

NO monthly fee with Corel.

Use it for:


  • Wedding photography

  • Portrait photography

  • Family photography

  • Landscape photography

  • Real Estate photography


N$ 750

There are 103 custom Corel Paintshop Pro Scripts. Each one is different. You will get the 103 folders in which you’ll find: 6 original photos, as well as the 6 edited photos for you to compare.  Also, the Script for those photos. 

Furthermore, you’ll have a folder with a selection of each of the 103 photos out of the 103 folders for you to do a quick overview/selection. 

Each script is custom designed with a specific outcome in mind. Some might not be to your liking or taste, but focus on those who are. We all have different preferences.  Each script contains up to 30 different processes/settings to make your photos stand out from the crowd. 

You will be sent a link to download the following:

  • 103 folders with each it’s examples of that editing style, as well as the relevant script.

  • A folder containing the 103 scripts only.

  • A folder with the quick reference photos - one of each of the editing styles to compare. (Files numbered with an X, indicates editor’s choice.)

Some of the scripts are aimed at aggressive editing, and others again for more subdued editing.