Box-Photography. You take basic photos – we edit it to perfection.

Now you as a novice can deliver amazing Box-photos like a pro without trying.


Earn with your camera. 

All you’ll need is a camera and a Square Cardboard box/White Wooden box.

Click on the link below to get a better understanding:

You use ONLY one Cardboard-box – any size, BUT it must be SQUARE. (You can also build yourself a Wooden Box and paint it White or Black. Just make sure it is SQUARE. The ideal size would be 120cm X 120cm X 60cm for Family shoots).


The size of the cardboard box in this illustration was 40cm X 40cm X 20cm - Suzi was a small dog.

How does it work?

You take 12 - 15 different photos for a 12/15-box combination photo. Send us the “rough” 12 - 15 photos, we edit the individual photos to perfection, then we combine those 12 - 15 photos to form the end-result. You pay us before we send the ONE final edited 12 /15 - Box photo back to you via Dropbox.