You decide on the size/scale of your set-up.

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Become one of our dynamic bloom growers. 

We specialize in Lisianthus which has an amazing popularity as well as a great  longevity in a vase. You purchase the seeds from us. We courier you the seeds with very detailed FULL knowhow.


You create your own little Greenhouse as your budget allows. This is for growing very specific cut-flowers. 

We will have the market ready for you to supply.

Your setup:

Your set-up however needs to be indoors, as these flowers need a well lit and constant temperature controlled environment.  You will need an aircon and grow lights. You can start with a minimum of 100 seeds, which will cost you R1000.  When these 100 plants mature, it should yield about R29 000. 70 to 80% of seeds are guaranteed to sprout. There are more than 15 colours (flowers). We’ll start you off with one or two colours and expand over time. You can also expand to how many plants your budget and facility allows.


Please just keep in mind that 100 seeds will only supply you with about 1 month worth of flowers. If you plan to produce all year round, you’ll need 100 new seeds to plant per month. You can grow these flowers all year round, since you do it in a controlled environment.  You will however have to create a system where you plant batches every week to create an ongoing production line. So, we suggest you divide your batch of seed into 5, to plant 20 seeds per week. The growing process is intense, and you can expect to go through a learning curve in the beginning. From seeding to cut-flower stage will take 6 to 8 months.


You ONLY focus on growing it. We handle EVERYTHING else. Flowers will get picked up and you’ll get paid. 

You’ll receive free of charge the elastic bands to tie the bunches, as well as wrapping paper for the bunches of flowers. A bunch will have 7 stems. You get R100 per bunch.

The details:

We will handle all payments, deliveries, as well as very aggressive fulltime marketing. It is to our utmost importance that you are SUPER successful, and grow your business to a life changing and long-lasting business. Our success depends on your success. Should you for any reason decide not to continue, you will Most Certainly get your money back.


You could sell the plants as flower-pot-plants for a minimum of R70 each. Alternatively you can let it flower and then sell the seeds for a considerable profit compared to your start-up costs. Even anything relating to growing Lisianthus plants can be advertised on our website.


We will create a For Sale facility on our website specifically for this purpose. So, you’re basically guaranteed not to loose any money. And by the way - our payments gets processed by DPO this makes it very safe - you can have your money back when you’re not satisfied with your purchase.

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